BLUE campaigns to keep at least 10% of your lawn uncut through summer, letting a variety of native plant species grow through. These ‘weeds’ are the food plants for a variety of caterpillar species, and therefore as well as increasing the number of moths and butterflies that will emerge, also provide a vital source of food for small birds.

Be creative: many people are cutting a path (each week) through the middle of the lawn, so that they can look and enjoy their own wildlife reserve on either side.

Cut and rake the long grass in September.

Keep a corner of your garden completely UNDISTURBED at all times, letting native flora such as bramble or hawthorn provide inpenetrateable cover for small birds and snails.

Please do not use slug pellets. They kill snails and go up through the food chain to kill hedgehogs.

Please keep any ‘garden waste’, as this makes perfect wildlife habitat and should not be removed. Heap up the hedge clippings from an Autumn cut and put leaves on top. This is ideal habitat for hedgehogs and costs nothing.

PLACE a BLUE HEARTmade out of RE-CYCLED materials into the ground on a stake and share a photo on the Facebook page: