Rewilding Britain, school by school

Now partnered with Eco-Schools England, the BLUE campaign offers a hands-on way not just to rewild some of the playground, but use it to complete the Eco-Schools biodiversity topic.

* BLUE proposes that you sign your school up with Eco-Schools part of Keep Britain Tidy.

* Re-wild a small area of school grounds (even 4 metres by 4 metres is sufficient) by not cutting the grass from February to September.

* Mark off the area to be left undisturbed and uncut.

* Use this designated space as the study area to undertake the Eco-Schools ‘Biodiversity’ topic.

* Each session, monitor and record new flora and fauna (grasshoppers, caterpillars, crickets etc) to the BLUE Campaign’s Pinterest Board

PLACE a BLUE HEARTmade out of RE-CYCLED materials into the ground on a stake and share a photo on the Facebook page: