Mammal Society


The Mammal Society recognises and supports the BLUE campaign's efforts. They understand the value for mammals (voles, hedgehogs, shrews etc) in rewilding parts of gardens and open green spaces such as road verges, parks and school grounds. 

BLUE campaign would like everyone to   

download the FREE Mammal Mapper App today and help us all to build a picture of what is happening to Britain's mammal populations. Find out more here

Rewilding Britain


Rewilding Britain is an organisation that advises and supports large-scale rewilding projects across the UK. It recognises and supports BLUE campaign's huge contribution to the national rewilding effort. Our combined aim is to restore biodiversity and biomass across the UK.

If any of our community are needing to know more about rewilding at a farm or estate scale, then please contact this excellent organisation for more advice. 



Plantlife supports the contribution made by the BLUE campaign to the national effort to restore biodiversity and biomass. In return, BLUE campaign is encouraging councils to use Plantlife's excellent Good Road Verge Guide which can be downloaded from this website, as well as their own at