Partnered with BLUE campaign

BLUE campaign is partnered with Eco-Schools (part of Keep Britain Tidy).

The Programme is pupil-led, involving hands-on learning that gets the whole school and the wider community involved in exciting environmental projects. 

Eco-Schools England provide schools with FREE resources for each of the Seven Steps to help them progress to the international Eco-Schools Green Flag award within 12 months of registration. 

Schools do not need to pay for additional support from third parties. On top of this their experienced team of former teachers support the Eco-Schools and can be contacted throughout the year to answer your questions.

To make the Eco-Schools programme more manageable and to fit into term time, schools will need to complete our online, self-assessed Bronze Award and Silver Award as they progress to Green Flag success.

As part of this programme, Eco-Schools England have chosen to follow the BLUE campaign. Each school is encouraged to rewild just a small area of their school grounds by not cutting the grass in that area except in the winter. It can be as small as 3m x 2m but must be cordoned off so it is not jumped on. The school can then study the plants and insects in this area of rewilded ground as part of completing the biodiversity module.

BLUE campaign encourage all schools to join the Eco-Schools Programme. 





Perfect for schools, this beautiful Butterfly ID Guide was drawn for the BLUE campaign by Betsy Gorman, our Conservation Officer.

Do please download it and use it when completing your biodiversity module with ECO-SCHOOLS ENGLAND


BLUE campaign are proud to be partners with Eco-Schools, helping children in thousands of schools across UK to learn about the importance of biodiversity and how rewilding through natural processes can help this mission. Small rewilded areas in school grounds are used to study biodiversity. This is part of the Biodiversity module, one of the targets toward the great green flag!