Biodiversity Restoration

Rewilding Gardens and all Open Green Spaces

Biodiversity restoration is not just about wild flowers. 

It is about restoring a habitat so that many different species  can live there.

Different types of insects, plants, small mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds.

By letting the grass grow we let many types of native wild flowers emerge.

Under the newly created canopy of long grasses, short-tailed field voles will start to live and breed. Grass snakes and slow worms will occupy the long grass (one very good reason not to cut it before the winter). Insects like crickets and grasshoppers will start to sing in the long grass. Various types of beetle and caterpillar of butterflies and moth will start to feed off the native wild flowers. These caterpillars will support large families of growing blue tits.

It's one HUGE step, made by you, to restore biodiversity.

If each of us do a bit of rewilding in every garden in every town, and every council does it on their open green spaces and road verges, we'll be doing something really special.